Patate al Forno, exaltation of perfection through aromatic sweetness and flavour guaranteed by impeccable ingredients.

Baked Potatoes, all the sweetness of new potatoes, enhanced by the presence of EVO oil, a pinch of salt, pepper and rosemary, all blended with the creaminess of butter. A popular and tasty dish.

Let yourself be tempted by the perfect side dish that blends in with every dish. Always a popular dish, suitable for everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, no one can resist their sweetness. Specifically, we could even say that no one can resist the authentic, sweet taste of new potatoes served by the Vinness.

Baked Potatoes, aromatic sweetness with flavour.

Baked Potatoes, a side dish of sweetness.

Baked potatoesa side dish synonymous with deliciousness. All the fragrance and sweetness of potatoes blending into every dish, to make your tasting impeccable and tasty. The perfect side dish you won't be able to do without. Potatoes are a real treat, especially when blended and seasoned with herbs, salt, pepper, EVO oil and butter. A temptation to succumb to and slip into the sweet vortex of pleasure provided by the best quality raw materials.

Especially if it is local food of excellence, the Vinness.

Ingredients of Baked Potatoes

The Vinness is a renowned local food restaurant, not only for its elegant refinement, but also for its culinary offerings that add that extra touch to every dish. High-quality, first-choice, seasonal and always fresh ingredients become synonymous with class and customer care.

In the specific case of baked potatoes, the ingredients used are simple essentials, just like their flavour: new potatoes, EVO oil, butter, salt, rosemary, pepper.