Bresaola, Rucola & Scaglie di Formaggio, a timeless sliced meat that highlights a local and typically Mediterranean sweetness.

Bresaola, Rocket & Cheese Flakesall the local sweetness of a Mediterranean dish, sweet and with an authentic flavour. A taste that enraptures you with refined and selected ingredients from the Vinness.

A tasty, genuine and sweet Mediterranean delicacy. The flavour of bresaola that melts in the encounter with Grana cheese flakes, all enhanced by the sauce par excellence (EVO oil) and lemon. A local delicacy with an unmistakable taste.
Bresaola, Rocket & Cheese Flakes, homemade sweetness.

Bresaola, Rocket & Cheese Flakes, conviviality takes taste.

Within the 'gourmet sliced meats' category of the Vinness, stands out this Mediterranean delicacy full of taste, flavour and aromas of our land. Sweetness is the key word that encapsulates the essence of this 'sliced gourmet' to be enjoyed alone or in company.

Bresaola, Rocket & Cheese Flakeseach ingredient is a choice of taste, history and principle that encompasses high properties.

On the other hand, elegance and the search for the best raw materials is what characterises excellent local food, i.e.: the Vinness.

Gourmet cold cuts, the selection of the best ingredients.

The Vinness offers its customers the best selection of gourmet sliced meats with quality dips, but not only. In this section and, specifically, in the Bresaola, Rocket & Cheese Flakes Once again, the gastronomic excellence and refined culinary artistry of the chef emerges, who offers each course in a modern key. A unique and inimitable style that is combined with the sweet taste of refined, fresh and genuine ingredients, the best on the market.

From Bresaola to Rucola, from Grana Padano flakes to EVO oil without forgetting a fragrant hint of lemon, it shows a perfect and impeccable style that delights your palate.