Caciotta di Bufala, all the essence of the goodness of milk translated into the perfection of a delicate and natural taste, also perfect to match.

Caciotta di Bufalasweetness that melts in the mouth.

All the essence of the goodness of milk translated through the perfect combination of ingredients that conceive a delicate and natural taste. An excellent dairy product served by the Vinness its customers to delight their taste buds with a cheese of great depth.

The icing on the cake? The delicious and delicious buffalo milk that makes the caciotta an innovative cheese desired by all.

Caciotta di Bufala, the perfection of a delicate taste.

Caciotta di Bufala, taste notes for the taste buds.

A true royal flush of taste that will make your taste buds play harmonious symphonies and notes of flavour never before experienced. A gift that the Vinness offers its customers through the Caciotta di BufalaThis is a fine, high-quality product (as are all the ingredients and raw materials used by Local Food of Excellence) with a delicate and pleasant flavour.

An outstanding cheese made only from the finest, certified ingredients that give it that typical buffalo milk flavour and sour aftertaste.

Caciotta di Bufala, taste notes for the taste buds.

Define the Caciotta di Bufala a delicacy for all gourmets is by no means wrong, as any combination can bring out the essence of the flavour. Its flavour is delicate and pleasant and, depending on the seasoning, it can also take on a stronger, more distinctive taste.

A culinary choice that the Vinness wants to propose to all tasters and great gastronomic connoisseurs, with the aim of satisfying even the most peculiar and meticulous requests. A concept born of the values on which this local food restaurant is based, boasting also the presence of a wine cellar of great importance, where you can find labels from all over the Boot.