Salumi & Formaggi grande with jam, a maxi-tasting pleasure for exquisite delicacies.

Cold Cuts & Cheeses large with jam, the bigger the format the bigger the taste. A delicacy to be enjoyed in a convivial and intimate way, typical of the Vinness, the elegant and refined local food restaurant that offers exquisite delicacies that literally bite the bullet.

Another composition on a rich menu that the Vinness offers its customers. A larger format that includes four rich portions and types of cheeses, as many portions of sliced meats that blend with the sweet delicacy and aroma of homemade jams.

Salumi & Formaggi grandi con confetture, the maxi pleasure of taste.

Great cold meats & cheeses with jams, the elegance of simplicity.

They usually say 'big is big, big is pleasure' and, in this case, this saying seems to fit like a glove. Indeed, Cold Cuts & Cheeses large with jams encapsulates, once again, the sense of the continuous and tireless search for perfection of the Vinness it wants to offer its customers.

Soft lighting, an elegant and refined venue where one can enjoy delicacies alone or in company, and excellent cuisine that satisfies all palates. The artistry of an impeccable chef is evident in both the simplest and the most sophisticated dishes.

A pleasure that, in this case, is quadrupled and amalgamated with the sweet scent of jam.

The delicious ingredients of the course Salumi & Formaggi grande with jams.

Four types of cheeses and four types of sliced meats are the main ingredients of this course, which are complemented by the sweetness of different types of jam. The Vinness knows its customers well and always satisfies them with excellent products, thanks to the use of fresh, seasonal and genuine raw materials, achieving a result that is second to none.

Quality represents that non plus ultra that, this special local food, guarantees time and time again.