Cheese plus jam, an explosion of flavour for a whirlwind of pleasure that comes from an unusual meeting of sweetness.

Cheese plus jaman explosion of flavour for an unusual encounter of sweetness that includes a variety of cheeses with sweet jams. An impeccable offer proposed by the Vinness that will delight the palate of all customers of the excellent local food.

The meeting of taste and flavour that you won't be able to do without. A varied selection of cheeses that will make your taste buds explode with an impeccable side dish: jams. Appetite and sweetness come with savouring.
Cheese with jam, an unusual encounter of sweetness.

Cheese plus jam, a whirlwind of pleasure and sweetness.

The perfect meeting is sometimes determined by an unusual encounter that the Vinness translates into cheese plus jams. A wide and varied choice of different cheeses that will delight your palate, joined by a range of sweet jams for a journey into the world of taste.

Hints, scents and flavours that will win you over taste after taste. The perfect tasting in a refined and intimate venue, also suitable for those who want to spend an evening with friends.

The composition of the sweet pair.

A sweet composition for a winning combination composed as follows: 4 types of cheese and sweet jams. The Vinness offers its customers only excellent ingredients made from carefully chosen and selected raw materials with the sole aim of offering only the best. A vortex of taste that will surprise you and give you new and exciting sensations.