Tagliere Misto Grande, a delicious mix of irresistible culinary delights served on a wooden cutting board twice the size.

Large Mixed Chopping Boardan unprecedented composition of irresistible culinary delights. A proposal offered by the Vinness to delight any palate, even the most discerning.

The offer includes rich single portions of cold meats, cheeses and sweet jams, which are accompanied by 4 single portions of exquisite croquettes, garnished with delicious, fresh seasonal fruit. A feather in the cap for a dish full of flavour!

A round wooden chopping board (twice the size of the medium one) that is composed of irresistible culinary specialities. Gastronomic refinement meets compositional and artistic elegance that the chef proposes to enhance not only the taste and palate, but also the vision that will immediately appear heavenly.

Tagliere Misto Grande, delicacies twice the size.

Tagliere Misto Grande, a cutting board twice the size, packed with culinary specialities.

The gastronomic refinement and culinary artistry of the excellent chef of Vinness finds its way into the Large Mixed Chopping Board. A truly tasty composition where the freshness and authenticity of every single dish is able to delight any palate, even the most refined and delicate ones.

A celestial vision that will materialise before your eyes and make you touch heaven with one finger.

Ingredients and composition of the Tagliere Misto Grande.

The specialities included in the Large Mixed Chopping Board are multiple and, above all, variable. In what sense? It is very simple. The answer lies in the fact that, on the menu of the day, the Vinness always offers different and very tasty dishes.

A touch of gastronomic class with raw materials chosen and selected to give customers all the best of local and Mediterranean flavours. For this reason, our transparency leads us to meticulously indicate the ingredients used which, in this specific case, are: cured meats, cheeses, jams (acacia honey, figs, wild berries), delicacies that reflect the typical dish of the day, and (that's not all), the presence of no less than four delicious crocks based on freshness and authenticity.