Citrus fruits of Sicily, the fragrances, scents and all the creaminess of the goodness of Sicilian fruit to delight your palate.

Citrus fruits of Sicilya fresh and creamy dessert that brings out all the goodness of Sicilian fruit.

A proposal by Vinness to refresh your taste buds without sacrificing the pleasant exquisiteness of flavour. A dessert suitable for those who do not want to give up something sweet without overdoing the sinfulness of chocolate. An alternative proposal that will not disappoint.

Citrus fruits of Sicily, all the creaminess of fruit

Citrus fruits of Sicily, a small sin of gluttony.

The Vinness offers the possibility to choose the dessert that best suits your expectations or sweet tooth, from a rich menu of desserts suitable for all palates. Citrus fruits of Sicily is an interesting alternative that blends sweetness and creaminess without losing the lingering taste and flavour in the mouth. 

 A pure achievement with unmistakable scents accentuated by the essence of Sicilian fruit. Freshness that melts in your mouth. Allow yourself to be tempted.

The scent of all the goodness of Sicilian fruit.

Citrus fruits of Sicily is a tasty and creamy combination full of flavour. It is made by the excellent chef/pastry chef in this way: late Ciaculli mandarin and Sicilian lemon semifredda cream, with a liquid citrus heart, on a sponge cake base. Ideal for those in search of something sweet, fresh and creamy, perhaps even as a dessert or small treat.

The photo of this proposal highlights what the Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality.

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Immerse yourself in the bewitching taste of an irresistible, tantalizing dessert.