Cremoso ai Frutti Rossi, a soft and sweet dessert with a creamy and inviting heart, a real delicious pie.

Red Fruit Creamyas the colour of love and passion, the same that the Vinness deep in making such exquisite delicacies.

A heart of taste and flavour that exudes hints of infinite sweetness that sweep your taste buds away on a journey full of emotions. A vortex of a thousand colours to be enjoyed alone or in company, delighting you spoon after spoon.

Cremoso ai Frutti Rossi, a delicious pie.

Cremoso ai Frutti Rossi, a fresh and delicious spoon dessert.

The freshness and refinement of a spoon dessert that will transport you to an exciting world of flavours and aromas. The soft softness of Red Fruit Creamy represents one of those desserts that the Vinness made for all those who are looking for something new or something light, but without having to give up taste. A pleasant temptation just a teaspoon away.

A heart of infinite goodness.

Vanilla-flavoured sponge cake with a red fruit heart, decorated with white chocolate and red fruit sauce. In summary and in transparency, this is the Red Fruit Creamy that the Vinness offers its customers. A dessert for those who wish to try a new flavour, but also for the more pretentious or those who do not want to give up taste, albeit lightly, or for all those with a more refined palate. A sort of alchemy of flavours and colours made and decorated by the excellent chef/pastry chef of local food excellence who, even in this, shows off and demonstrates that artistic touch of someone with class.

The photo of this proposal highlights what the Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality.