Creamy Pistachio, a winning combination comes together in this dessert illustrated as a true sweetness with a tender heart.

Creamy PistachioWhen quality meets flavour, sweetness is born that cannot be described but only tasted. The confectionery offerings of the Vinness are a true eulogy to the art of pastry and confectionery, and that factor is also highlighted by this interesting proposal. A winning combination with a tender heart that blends with another special ingredient.

Pistachio Cremoso, sweetness with a tender heart

Creamy Pistachio Cake

A sweetness with a tender pistachio heart that blends with the freshness of ricotta cheese and the tasty fragrance of white chocolate and pistachio curls. What are we talking about? An irresistible temptation from the Vinnessor: Creamy Pistachio.

Enjoying a moment of pure pleasure is a treat you cannot deny your palate, as it is a fleeting moment embedded in your own eternal eternity (to be repeated as often as you wish).

A pistachio and chocolate heart.

The Creamy Pistachio translates into a soft hazelnut biscuit with ricotta and pistachio cream, with a pistachio heart, decorated with white chocolate curls and pistachio grains. Pure and genuine taste for a fresh, good, intensely flavoured and eternally delicious dessert offered by the Vinness to all its customers eager to enjoy a taste explosion.

The photo of this proposal highlights what the Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality.

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Immerse yourself in the bewitching taste of an irresistible, tantalizing dessert.