Melanzane a funghetto con pomodorini datterino, a typical Neapolitan recipe that will delight you with a local delicacy.

Mushroom aubergines with cherry tomatoes, a dish that excels and ranks among the traditional Neapolitan recipes. A much-loved dish, simple, rich in taste and excellent both as an appetiser and as a side dish. But that's not all, as it is also a great condiment for pasta.

The Vinness proposes it in a new key, offering a journey into the essence of taste in an unprecedented whirlwind of flavours.

Mushroomed aubergines with cherry tomatoes, a local delicacy.

Mushroomed aubergines with cherry tomatoes, all the flavour of Naples.

Mushroom aubergines with cherry tomatoesa dish that awakens the aromas and scents of Naples. From the heart of a beautiful Italian region comes a delicacy to which the Vinness could not give up. After all, Local Food of Excellence offers only the best of Italian dishes, and with this typical Campania side dish, it demonstrates the careful refinement it displays in all its culinary offerings.

The icing on the cake? The best flavours of Italy with fresh, selected ingredients to glide gently through a whirlwind of emotions. Also ideal to accompany meats, cold cuts and cheeses, to the delight of your taste buds.

A little trivia about a genuine, simple and delicious dish.

Le Mushroom aubergines with cherry tomatoes represent one of the most popular and sought-after Neapolitan dishes. Their genuine, fresh and selected ingredients represent a meticulous choice made by the Vinnesswith the aim of offering its customers the best raw materials.

A quality that translates into delicious and refined dishes, distinguished by that artistic touch given by the excellent chef of one of the most renowned local food establishments. This fine culinary choice owes its name to the appearance that the chunks of aubergine take on once cooked, in fact, this factor makes them look very much like chunks of truffled mushrooms. The result? An irresistible delicacy!