Gran Sardo, a sheep's milk cheese with a spicy aftertaste that highlights the island's tenderness and cheese-making tradition

When we talk about flavour and taste, we are inevitably talking about one of the most prestigious cheeses, namely: the Gran Sardo.

One of the products on the long list of raw materials that the Vinness offers its customers, with the sole purpose of delighting any palate, guaranteeing a unique journey through flavours from all over Italy. A whirlwind of emotions that will unquestionably involve your taste buds.

Gran Sardo, spicy island tenderness.

Gran Sardo, a wealth of flavours and fragrances.

The Gran Sardo is one of the cheeses that the Vinness has decided to offer its customers a range of delicacies to accompany it. It is also excellent on its own and/or paired with a good wine to choose from all the fine labels in the wine shop Vinness.

Pure emotions from the first taste combined with unprecedented flavours. And, dulcis in fundo, the art and mastery of the chef who skilfully combines the intense, strong taste of cheese with other products in an unparalleled culinary alchemy.

Gran Sardo, a wealth of flavours and fragrances.

Among the countless valuable raw materials offered by the Vinnessone of the cheeses with an intense and spicy aftertaste stands out. We speak, of course, of the Gran Sardoused in various recipes or served on its own, depending on the tastes of those who prefer to savour it in different ways.

A cheese that intensifies its flavour and aroma depending on its maturation, a sign of high quality (to which Local Food of Excellence is always attentive) and respect for the island's cheese-making tradition.