Pastiera, a traditional dessert known throughout the world that blends the taste, flavour and aroma of all Neapolitan excellence.

Pastieraall the sweetness and flavour of Naples packed into a fragrant slice of a dessert of Neapolitan origin. In the rich dessert menu of the Vinness this typical sweet from the 1600s could not be missed. The deep and true Neapolitan essence translated into a delight that knows no comparison. The perfection and taste of a dessert that is always loved and sought after, conceived according to tradition and with loving dedication.

Pastiera, all Neapolitan excellence.

Pastiera, an ancient Neapolitan confectionery art.

La Pastiera is one of the best-known, most appreciated and best-loved desserts ever to distinguish the Neapolitan confectionery art. A dessert that ranks among the Vinness along with other interesting and mouth-watering culinary and confectionery offerings. Only the best for the customers of the local food of excellence, which aims to serve only quality products made from certified and high quality raw materials. Indispensable elements for the Vinness.

Pastiera, an ancient Neapolitan confectionery art.

But what is the Pastiera? In a nutshell, the Vinness sums up all the exquisiteness and deliciousness of this dessert. In fact, it is a real baked wheat cake with ricotta and orange peel. From the dawn of time to the present day, an endless sweetness reproduced respecting the ancient production process so that the ancient, Neapolitan taste persists and lasts over time. But, above all, to give customers of local food of excellence the true essence of a dessert that never goes out of fashion.

The photo of this proposal highlights what the Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality, which, in this case, translates as a real slice of cake.