Pecorino al Tartufo, origin and tradition of that precious touch that highlights a fresh, unmistakable and inimitable taste.

Ptruffle ecorinoall the inimitable taste of an Auricchio-branded tradition.

That precious touch for an unrivalled cheese that the Vinness could not fail to count among his list of raw materials that he uses in conceiving delicious and delicious dishes to serve to his customers.

An inimitable, original and delicious taste that gives the taste buds a fresh sensation that lingers in the mouth thanks to the sweetness and intense flavour of the truffle. A delicacy that accompanies various dishes, which you will not be able to do without.

Pecorino with truffles, the precious touch of an unmistakable taste.

Pecorino with truffle, delicate and fresh flavour.

A delicate and fresh flavour, this is what best represents the Pecorino with truffles of Auricchio that is distinguished by the presence of an intense aroma such as truffle. A cheese that becomes synonymous with an impeccable combination of tradition and originality.

A culinary choice that the Vinness proposes either to taste as a prominent ingredient of certain dishes, on its own or enriched with honey and dried fruit to let you be carried away in a whirlwind of emotions from which it will be difficult to renounce.

A quality of certified origin and provenance.

The Vinness pays the utmost attention to the peculiarities of each product it uses in devising delicious and unparalleled mixes. Merit also goes to the artistic touch of an excellent chef who brings out the depth of the local food in question. Within a cosy, convivial and intimate atmosphere, savouring and choosing from a rich menu of dishes becomes a pleasure to be repeated whenever you wish.

The embarrassment is only in the choice, as the Vinness offers the best of gastronomic proposals with raw materials certified in both provenance and quality. But that's not all, there is also a prestigious wine bar where fine labels from all over Italy emerge.

The aim? To make you slip slowly into the temptations of pleasure by proposing the perfect match. Impossible to resist.