Insalata Verde, lightness and Mediterranean flavour served on the table, a fresh and wholesome dish without sacrificing taste.

Green Saladall the taste of Mediterranean authenticity served on the table to give you the pleasure of a light dish, without ever renouncing taste. Simplicity rhymes with authenticity in this light Mediterranean side dish, rich in flavour. A perfect choice that goes well with any type of dish, satiating your appetite with few calories and lots of flavour.

Ideal as an accompaniment to any dish, thanks also to the presence of a valuable salad with an intense yet delicate aroma. A genuine side dish, rich in fibre and vitamins.
Green Salad, Mediterranean flavour on the table.

Green salad, always a fresh side dish.

It is well known that side dishes such as green salad are suitable for all circumstances. In this case, they become an irresistible supplement, as they are not only suitable for savouring something tasty and fresh, but also for adhering to the canons of the Mediterranean diet. 

The perfect match of the best products that, as always, the Vinness offers in a modern, refined key in an elegant, flagship restaurant in the city. So, if you prefer a barbecued main course, why not enjoy it with a nice side of green salad?

An alchemy of flavours that will satisfy you bite after bite.

Tasty, genuine and always fresh ingredients.

The Vinness offers only high quality, seasonal and, therefore, always fresh ingredients and raw materials. An accurate selection that highlights the gastronomic excellence that, the famous local food, proposes in its menu and offers to its customers. In the specific case of the green salad, however, we find a tasty mix that is ideal, especially on hot or summer days. A combination of flavours suitable for those who want to keep it light, but don't want to give up the pleasure of taste.

In fact, there is lettuce salad, rocket, cherry tomatoes and, of course, a dressing with dips that go well with this dish. We are talking salt, lemon and the irresistible EVO oil.