Insalata Caprese, a culinary proposal that represents all the lightness of taste and flavour, without forgetting authenticity.

Caprese Salad, all the lightness of flavour you are looking for you will find in this gastronomic proposal offered by the Vinness. Taste, freshness and goodness: the trinomial that best describes this tasty and genuine dish.

The Mediterranean essence translated into a simple but tasty dish. The richness of quality ingredients for a dish that will win you over. The tomato, the ever-present, fragrant basil leaf, a pinch of salt and pepper, a drop of EVO oil (healthy) and the much-loved, delicious and irresistible buffalo mozzarella for a unique and original flavour.

Caprese salad, lightness of taste.

Caprese salad, original and inimitable flavour.

The richness of infinite flavours, this is how we could describe theCaprese Salad of Vinness. An irresistible culinary proposal that conquers you with its very lightness, without sacrificing the pleasure of taste.

Delicate, fresh notes that will enrapture you in any season, taste notes that tempt you almost become an imperative to comply with.

Sweeten your taste buds and your palate with this soft, light melody.

The ingredients for a fresh, light and wholesome dish.

L'Caprese Salad is one of the healthy dishes par excellence. Genuine, fresh, healthy and light, an impeccable recipe offered in an unmissable way by the Vinness. As always, local food of excellence is distinguished by the innate passion that translates into its culinary offerings, proposing only the best of the genuineness of the raw materials, selected meticulously and with great dedication. In this case, even the chef's artistic touch - which makes all the difference - is combined with a combination of delicious, tasty ingredients.

Specifically: buffalo mozzarella, beef heart tomato, basil, EVO oil, salt and pepper. Don't miss this pleasant breath of freshness and flavour!