Pastore Sardo, the sweetness of a sheep's milk cheese symbolising an ancient and noble cheese-making tradition of Sardinian origin.

Sardinian Shepherdrepresents a cheese that is synonymous with the sweetness of an ancient and noble cheese-making tradition of Sardinian origin.

We are talking about a soft cheese, ideal for even the most sophisticated and sophisticated side dishes that the Vinness proposes and offers its customers through the tasting of different dishes, with the aim of savouring the taste and authenticity of local products.

Sardinian Shepherd, sweetness of an ancient and noble dairy tradition.

Pastore Sardo, tasty pecorino with an intense aroma.

The Sardinian Shepherd is a sign of quality, as its production boasts a meticulous and particular attention to the milk used. A factor that also characterises the Vinness which always tends to offer, exclusively, high-quality products for the preparation of delicious and exquisite dishes.

The touch of class is then given by the mastery of the top chef, who is able to bring out unique and inimitable scents and flavours.

As mentioned earlier, this type of cheese is suitable for serving as a side dish, but also with roast meat, since, once tasted, a sweet and delicate aftertaste with an intense aroma remains.

A fine and valuable cheese.

The Sardinian Shepherd is one of the many valuable products that the Vinness cares to offer its customers. It is a sheep's milk cheese that stands out for its high quality production and for bringing out all the flavour of Sardinian cheese production. A valuable product that can be accompanied by bread (including carasau bread of Sardinian origin), but also as a side dish or as a special ingredient to enrich the culinary characteristics of a dish.

Aesthetically, it has a smooth, leather-brown rind, and a raw, straw-yellow coloured paste that is slightly open and elastic.

Finally, to further enhance the taste it is highly recommended to accompany a red wine or a fine label that, again, the wine shop Vinness includes on its rich menu.