Vegetables in oil, a rich and delicious selection of Mediterranean temptations for a perfect and tasty side dish.

Vegetables in oilexquisite delicacies for irresistible Mediterranean temptations. A rich and wide selection to give your dishes a perfect garnish, accentuating their flavour.

An assorted side dish with guaranteed flavour. The option offered with vegetables in oil highlights, once again, the taste and authenticity that characterises the Vinnesslocal food of excellence. Variables include asparagus, artichokes, peppers and courgettes (but not only). A temptation that will accompany your dishes in a whirlwind of local flavour, becoming a guarantee of quality. 

Again, the Mediterranean flavour predominates in an endless side dish.
Vegetables in oil, Mediterranean temptations.

Vegetables in oil, the perfect Mediterranean side dish.

Le vegetables in oil have always been one of the Mediterranean side dishes that represent Mediterranean gastronomic excellence. And as proof of the haute cuisine offered by the Vinnessthis irresistible culinary offering could not be missed.

A meticulous and careful selection that highlights the choice and care taken in offering the highest quality raw materials to achieve an optimal and tasty result. Taste to die for.

Pure, genuine and delicious ingredients.

Perhaps on the surface we might risk appearing repetitive, but when we tell you that Vinness only serves dishes of depth and quality, we are simply telling you the truth. It is a sort of imperative that, the excellent local food, is keen to make clear to its customers how much care and dedication goes into each dish. The same commitment is also reflected in the side dishes, such as vegetables in oil that are served with genuine seasonings such as garlic, pepper, chilli and EVO oil.

These same ingredients enhance the flavour and aromas of the vegetables that you can enjoy depending on your choice of artichokes, peppers, courgettes and asparagus. On the other hand, the Vinness offers only the best.