Porchetta di Ariccia, a meat dish with a thousand-year-old tradition and an amazing taste with distinctive characteristics.

La Porchetta di Ariccia represents one of the meat dishes in the age-old Italian tradition and has an amazing taste. Well, its peculiarities make it truly unique and unexceptionable, as its distinguishing features illustrate simplicity combined with goodness.

A feast of flavours for the taste buds due to the typical crunchiness of the crust and its natural colour. 

A type of savoury meat blended with a seasoning that enhances its characteristics.
Porchetta di Ariccia, a thousand-year-old tradition with an amazing taste.

Porchetta di Ariccia, the age-old tradition of a dish with an irresistible and amazing taste.

La Porchetta di Ariccia is characterised by distinctive features that make it unique and unrivalled. Prominent among these, of course, is the crunchiness of the crust, which remains unchanged for several days.

A facet (this) that allows the product not to dry out internally. But the local food of excellence, the Vinnessoffers its customers products that are always fresh, seasonal and, above all, of the highest quality.

Even in this case, the skill of the chef also tends to enhance the historical side of the tradition of this meat dish. We are talking about a thousand-year-old tradition that has its roots in pre-Roman times and the Latin people.

A succulent goodness, a temptation that conquers taste after taste and slowly slips into the earthly and otherworldly pleasure of flavour. 

A delicious dish, made so thanks to the presence of EVO oil, pepper, Himalayan salt and the scent and fragrance of aromas that will give the Porchetta a seductive swirl to your palate.