Well-coordinated teamwork speaks of us

Love & Passion

Love & Passion represents a winning combination for Vinness, as it illustrates what drove us to be what we are today. A daily commitment conceived with the soul and realised with the heart.

Excellent staff

The excellence of the Vinness staff is proven, every day, by the goodwill of our customers and the trust they place in us every time they choose us. This is why our team is described as 'excellent', both for the dedication we put into it and for the attention we pay to it.

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BORN IN 2014

An Innovative and Elegant Vineria

From an entrepreneur's project to create a lounge that would be both a place for gathering and tasting, Vinness was born in 2014. A cosy, intimate and reserved place, despite its location in the city centre, dedicated to those who love to celebrate the art of wine and the typical flavours of our Italy.

Vinness becomes a synthesis of familiarity and elegance, pioneering a new concept of tasting. A new way of modern drinking translated into a careful selection of wine labels distinguished by a wide range of wines on tap, whose success hides a single secret: genuineness of the product! Attention to detail becomes our imperative, as we wish to offer only the best to our customers in order to guarantee an unprecedented journey of flavours and tasting.