A careful selection of the best meats for all grill enthusiasts. The exaltation of taste, genuineness and theand of the aromas of fine meats, authentic and fresh ingredients that represent the excellence of the raw materials chosen with the aim of conceiving and offering dishes that will delight and satisfy your ravenous desire for pure goodness.à.

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Our steaks are authentic specialities.à of superior quality, capable of giving you that satisfying and delicate sensation of tasty, proven goodness! The fat line accentuates the quality index of our offerings, to which we add their softness and irresistible flavour!

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From second course to dessert
Every palate demands the perfect side dish,
Reignite the 5 senses
With qualitatively excellent aromas, flavours and seasonings.


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Elegance, refinement, autenticità, genuinenessà and a taste for beauty, in a nutshell: Vinness. The local food where the quality rhymes with experience. A range of proposals that reflect the Mediterranean tradition, in a convivial and intimate.
The pleasure of good food served for you, now also with photos and videos on the main platforms and social media to keep you up to date.
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