Mixed grill, a pure, genuine and perfect gastronomic composition conceived with exquisite, high-quality meat.

Mixed grillthe perfect gastronomic choice for a genuine dish of high-quality meat. Taste, genuineness and quality: the perfect trinomial that best describes this dish full of exquisite, refined delicacies.

A joy of authentic flavours translated into a perfect mix that will make your palate explode with joy. A rich composition that encompasses the best of main courses to savour and delight the ravenous desire for pure and genuine flavour.

Fine meats that have received coveted gastronomic awards highlighted by the desire to bring the excellence of raw materials to the table. Aromas, fragrances and flavours that will win you over taste after taste thanks to the sublime variety of selected meats well blended with gravies and condiments that go well with these delicacies.
Mixed grill, perfect gastronomic composition.

Mixed grill, an essential poker of taste.

La Mixed grill which is proposed by the Vinness represents a veritable poker of taste. All the essence of fine meats, chosen and selected according to a meticulous process that takes into account only the best quality. The reason? To offer customers excellent, fresh and seasonal raw materials that provide (every time) a full immersion that will delight the palate taste after taste.

The lust for taste will come to life at the mere whiff that the sublime chef of sublime local food has been able to conjure up to create a perfect mix, resulting in a haute gastronomic result. The culinary art will be before your eyes in an unprecedented key with a, veritable, poker of meats to be enjoyed alone or in company with the best side dish of your choice. A vast selection of dishes, side dishes and pickles in oil will be at your disposal to give your dishes that touch of class typical of the Vinness.

Elegance and refinement are the hallmark of this venue that will win you over from the first moment.

Ingredients and composition of a delicious and heavenly dish.

La Mixed grill represents a second course consisting of a series of fine cuts of meat that you absolutely cannot resist. Again, the appointment with taste has its own name and, given the transparency of the infamous Vinness, each dish is indicated according to criteria that allow the customer to make and contemplate his or her own meticulous choice. The ingredients are the main basis of each course and, as a seal of guarantee, the local food is careful to use fresh and excellent ones.

Specifically, for the Mixed grill we find: Chianina Burger (300g of pure goodness), Irish Black Angus Loin (250g of sublime flavour), 4 Lamb Arrosticini and 2 Casertano Black Pig Sausages. We have decided to give these pairings an unusual designation, namely: 'poker', as they represent the true joy of taste that, tasting after tasting, creates a real journey across our country.

Finally, we certainly cannot forget the sauces and flavours that the chef manages to blend with great skill and that artistic touch (typical of the Vinness). Parsley, garlic, Himalayan salt, vinegar glaze, EVO oil and herbs are the authenticity that enhance taste and flavour. A joy for your taste buds (and olfactory too).