Four bruschettas, all the taste and essence of a fragrant slice of bread accompanied by the perfect side dish of your choice.

Four bruschettas represent a dish of your choice, all the taste and essence of a fragrant slice of bread accompanied by the perfect side dish of your choice.

Delight your palate with a choice of tasty bruschetta. Ham, bresaola, provola, aubergines, salami, cherry tomatoes, pistachio cream and other succulent specialities for a total immersion in the taste of authenticity. An embarrassing choice that you will not be able to give up and that will rekindle your senses.

The Vinness offers several variants on which to focus your choices. And it is precisely these that will embarrass you, as it is a delicious and irresistible selection that will win you over in no time.

Four bruschettas, all the flavour with the perfect side dish.

Four bruschettas, all the taste of simplicity.

It is often said that simplicity is the best thing, never has this been truer. And Vinness, the local food of excellence, also knows this well. It proposes this quest for simplicity even in its culinary choice, which becomes synonymous with the taste of lightness. Four bruschettas is a selection of bruschettas (in fact) that you can choose from different types, one tastier than the other.

At first glance, it will be somewhat difficult to choose your favourite, but whichever you choose, the authenticity and local flavour of Vinness cuisine will give you moments of endless bliss to be savoured taste after taste.

Types of choice for the four bruschettas.

Vinness reminds you that the choice of type is a maximum of 2 variants from those listed below:

- Provola, Aubergines & Salami.
- Pistachio & Mortadella Cream.
- Prosciutto, Provola & Tomatoes.
- Lardo di Colonnata, Pistachio & Honey.
- Bresaola, Rocket & Grana Scales.
- Provola cheese, Sundried tomatoes, Salami.
- Prosciutto Crudo & Tomatoes.
- Smoked Provola & Speck.
- Provola & Tomatoes.
- Tomatoes & Oregano.
- Fileted aubergines.
- Truffle Cream.

The inevitable ingredients are, as always, of high quality with selected fresh and genuine raw materials.
Finally, we would like to remind you that bruschetta can be seasoned with EVO oil and Grana Padano flakes.