Cupolina Chocolate Crunch, an eternal sweet moment of taste that results in a sweet temptation of pleasure.

Crunchy Chocolate Dome, sweetness to be savoured taste after taste savouring the taste of a good dessert. An instant of pure pleasure offered by the Vinness in order to satisfy the cravings of even the most discerning palates. The crucial factor? The highest quality raw materials that give a unique and inimitable flavour.

Crunchy Chocolate Dome, Sweet Temptation of Pleasure

Dome Crunchy Chocolate, quality you can taste.

This is the case of the Crunchy Chocolate Dome which is a true chocolate triumph, a eulogy to the sweetest ingredients on the market, without ever forgetting the peculiar attention to detail.

The Vinness is a local food of excellence offering boundless delicacies. A wide assortment of spoon desserts, cakes and medium-sized desserts will satisfy your innermost desires for pure sweetness.

Trinomial of taste.

La Crunchy Chocolate Dome of Vinness is a triumph of sweetness. A perfect trinomial that amalgamates a set of delicacies that will delight you at the mere sight. Cocoa sponge cake filled with hazelnut cream and covered with milk chocolate and hazelnuts, an endless desire for flavour that is impossible to resist. The icing on the cake? The artistic touch of the pastry chef of the excellent local food, who blends ingredients and mastery of the confectionery art to achieve a delicious result.

The photo of this proposal highlights what Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality.

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Immerse yourself in the bewitching taste of an irresistible, tantalizing dessert.