The right balance of sweet and bitter with fresh and spicy tones for an ever popular liqueur. A distillate that aids digestion and, when served chilled, gives an explosion of flavour, accentuating its fresh and pleasant taste.


The excellence of distillation of barrel-aged Italian wines with their unmistakable, impeccable, sweet smoothness.


A plunge into the vortex of pleasure that conquers your palate through these French spirits, with the aroma of white wine combining with the woody sensation of the barrique and marine or forest scents.


A distillate with a decisive character and a very strong aftertaste, an authentic and unequalled flavour capable of giving a clear perception of the tones to the hint of its stay in wooden barrels.




Distillates that impart varied scents and flavours through the fermentation and distillation of multiple cereals. Distinctive notes with propertiesbeneficial actions that awaken the spirit.


Sweetness and creaminessFor a sophisticated taste mix in every moment of your day. Unique, inimitable and original: a wide range of Vinness branded spirits for an unrivalled selection.


Whether you are alone or in company
The raisin wine deep notes of fantasy With dessert or desserts
A glass just before promising 'goodbye'


We serve the best reserves of an excellent distillate that originates from sugar cane. A special aromatic bouquet to be enjoyed simply and naturally.


A refined distillate with incredibly intense aromas and, often, enriched by a flavour that gives a smoky aftertaste. In its natural state it exudes and offers a journey into the senses.taste buds.


Accentuated flavour for a low-calorie distillate with aromatic and proprietary taste.important, ideal drunk in a single shot or at a very cold temperature.


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Elegance, refinement, autenticità, genuinenessà and a taste for beauty, in a nutshell: Vinness. The local food where the quality rhymes with experience. A range of proposals that reflect the Mediterranean tradition, in a convivial and intimate.
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