Tagliere Misto Medio, a mix of specialities, varied delicacies and elegant dishes served on a white porcelain plate.

Medium Mixed Chopping Boarda rich composition of local specialities and delicacies, a varied selection of genuine and appetising products specially chosen from the infamous local food: the Vinness.

Elegance and refinement for a course rich in taste and speciality. A rich composition that is served in a white rectangular porcelain dish, which is composed: on the left with succulent single portions of cold meats and cheeses prepared and prepared by our exquisite chef with the presence of various jams (acacia honey, wild berries, figs) and, on the right, delicacies from the typical dish of the day.

Four exquisite and delicious shards that will kidnap you into a fabulous world where goodness becomes a demand of your palate.
Medium Mixed Chopping Board, varied and elegant specialities.

Mixed Medium Chopping Board, an elegant and appetising composition.

The qualitative essence of the Vinness also stands out in the compositions of the mixed boards. The best selection of seasonal products alternating in the rich menu offered by the Medium Mixed Chopping Boardwhere delicacies stand out that will win over even the most discerning palates as well as those of connoisseurs.

Dulcis in fundo, the elegance is accentuated with impeccable service denoted by a set of courses served on a refined white porcelain plate in a rectangular shape, where, the mastery of the chef of the Vinnessmade possible an artistic composition of the monoportions themselves.

After all, class is not water.

The selection of ingredients served in an elegant porcelain dish.

As mentioned above, also in the case of the Medium Mixed Chopping Board the Vinness is able to exceed, by far, expectations, offering its customers a mix of tasty, succulent and exquisite delicacies that will envelop you in a whirlwind of pleasure taste after taste.

We would like to remind you that, as always, Local Food of Excellence selects the best raw materials to offer cutting-edge, high-class products. In this case, we have different types of courses ranging from cold cuts to cheeses and four hearty and delicious Cocci, i.e.: single portions prepared according to the varieties of the Vinness and seasonal products.

As always, genuineness, freshness and selected raw materials are the basis of this fine local food.