Parmigiana di Patate, the real secret lies in the sweet, Mediterranean flavour and taste of a dish that inspires and excites.

Potato Parmigianaall the essence and flavour of an endless crock to which, local food of excellence, the Vinnesshe wanted to imprint his masterly touch.

Delight and delicacy for a much-loved and always desired dish. Top-quality ingredients that impart refined taste and flavour for an immersion in the pleasure and excitement of savouring the fragrance of authenticity and the Mediterranean table. Aubergines and tomatoes, accompanied by a pinch of salt, flour, some tasty grana cheese and the finest buffalo mozzarella. Immense satisfaction!
Potato Parmigiana, sweet and Mediterranean flavour.

Parmigiana di Patate, a tasty crock.

La Potato Parmigiana is a delight for every moment and every palate. A fantastic crock offered by Vinness and which appeals to young and old alike. A delicious, exquisite dish that manages to go beyond the simplicity and authenticity of the ingredients themselves, which, as always, excel in taste.

And then, of course, the class and craftsmanship of a chef who manages to blend it all together to offer an exquisite, artistic and infinitely good dish.

The ingredients of Parmigiana di Patate.

Even in the case of the Parmigiana di Patate, Vinness offers the best selection of raw materials with ingredients that will delight your palate and taste buds. A full immersion in the world of taste that will take you on an emotionally charged journey. But let's get to the point and find out what the ingredients of this fantastic crock are: potatoes, buffalo mozzarella (how delicious), eggs, béchamel sauce, cream, provolone cheese, grana cheese, EVO oil, butter, salt, pepper.