Tagliata di Scottona, the sweetness of a fine meat that melts in the mouth, particularly tender and delicious.

Sliced Scottonathe pleasant sweetness that melts in the mouth for a journey into the world of deliciousness. The meat of scottona is considered particularly valuable for its organoleptic characteristics (in simple words: it is very good), tenderness and savouriness in primis. The small infiltrations of fat - called marbling - in the meat, which melt away during cooking, are actually what make this type of meat particularly tender and delicious.

A very tasty, succulent and flavourful main course that is served medium-rare or rare (depending on how one prefers to enjoy it), as it is a prized cut of meat, soft and with little fat.
Tagliata di Scottona, sweetness that melts in the mouth.

Tagliata di Scottona, a journey into the soft taste of a prized meat.

La Sliced Scottona certainly represents a second course with high potential and quality. A valuable meat that the Vinness has carefully chosen to delight the palate of its customers. An appointment with taste that cannot be postponed, as it is an encounter where the excellent goodness of the meat is mixed with the taste and aroma of gravies that further enhance its flavour and tenderness.
And whether it is rare or well-done, the result will surprise you (always and in any case), precisely because, as mentioned above, we are talking about a fine cut of meat, soft and with little fat. So, it is really impossible to resist this temptation that you can enjoy as you like.
It is up to you to choose the perfect side dish to accompany this sophisticated dish in the most authentic and original way.

The ingredients that make it unique.

The ingredients used by the Vinness for the creation of the Sliced Scottona are: Scottona meat (30-day maturation). This element denotes and emphasises the basic principles on which the values of those who conceived the local food of excellence are based. Maximum attention to detail and high quality raw materials, fresh and always in season to offer the customer a unique and inimitable taste experience.

It continues with Himalayan Salt, Pepper, EVO Oil and Aromas that give the right fragrance and special scents for total immersion in pleasure. Pure lust.