Bastardo del Grappa, all the simplicity of the taste of a cheese born on the slopes of the Grappa massif.

Bastardo del Grappa, another cheese of high quality and depth is among the products made available by the Vinness.

A type of cheese product that originates on the slopes of the massif of the same name. We are talking about a semi-cooked, semi-fat pressed cow's milk cheese with an unusual name that conceals, behind its history, various ancient rumours. But, regardless of its history, what counts is its inimitable taste, which local food of excellence proposes in different keys and perfect combinations.

Bastardo del Grappa, the simplicity of taste.

Bastardo del Grappa, a touch of class in special pairings.

Cheese Bastardo del Grappa cannot and must not disappoint the expectations of those who do not know it, just because of its unusual and atypical name.

In fact, its tasting does not take into account these peculiarities dictated exclusively by appellations chosen following the stories revolving around its birth. We are talking about a rather recent cheese that has its roots on the slopes of the massif of the same name and about which many have told different stories about its creation.

The Vinness offers the opportunity to savour the genuine, sweet taste of this product either as an ingredient by serving it with exquisite dishes, on its own (to best savour the essence of its flavour and aroma) and with special pairings that make it even more delicious.

An excellent starter that could be served fried or paired with a range of jams and fruits, each combination proving to be a winning and delicious combination. And, dulcis in fundo, the combination with fine labels offered by the enoteca Vinness.

The presentation of the cheese and the origin of its name.

The Bastardo del Grappa is one of the many cheeses on the delicious menu that the Vinness offers its customers.

Specifically, it is a classic cheese from the Veneto region that takes its name (so special) from its very processing, which is defined as 'intermediate', as it is made from different types of cheese typical of the same region.

In fact, during the cheesemaking process, milk from the evening and milk from the following morning are used and mixed together to make the cheese in question. The result? An irresistible delicacy to be savoured taste after taste.