Selva Nera, all the taste of goodness through the tasting of an irresistible chocolate combination blended with vanilla.

Black Foresttaste and passion for chocolate lovers.

An incredible encounter that the Vinness explicates through a perfect mix for dessert lovers, an interesting proposal that boasts its presence within the desserts of the excellent local food.
A fresh, spoonable dessert that will delight you with endless symphonies and sinful temptations of gluttony.
Selva Nera, an irresistible chocolate combination.

Selva Nera, eulogy of sweetness.

Define the Black Forest a true eulogy of sweetness, is by no means wrong, as it truly represents the essence of sweetness itself. An unprecedented encounter, where chocolate merges with vanilla cream, thanks to the presence of a layer of cocoa sponge cake. The decorations are typically artistic, but also incredibly good. 

Choices that the Vinness makes with extreme attention to detail in order to offer only the best of the local (and not only) confectionery tradition. Freshness is guaranteed and, even more so, a whirlwind of pleasure that will guarantee you a journey into the sweet world of exquisite combinations.

Notes of taste and rhythm.

Endless sweetness that melts in your mouth and will make your taste buds dance for an unprecedented taste experience. All the goodness of chocolate melting in a tender embrace with vanilla-flavoured cream, all decorated with chocolate flakes and bitter cherry. Black Foresttoo great a temptation for a spoon dessert offered by local food excellence: the Vinness.

The photo of this proposal highlights what the Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality, which, in this case, translates as a real slice of cake.