Lemon Delight, unmistakable scents that highlight the essence of the freshness and flavour of Sicilian lemons.

Lemon Delightan irresistible dessert, especially on hot summer days.

Perfect as a dessert after enjoying a good fish dish, an unmissable offer from the Vinness that will delight your palate as well as your craving for freshness and authenticity. Sicilian scents will echo with the delicious fragrance of lemons for an unparalleled result.

Lemon Delight, the essence of freshness and taste.

Lemon Delight, sweetness with a Sicilian heart.

A dessert as white as a canvas on which to paint your indescribable emotions. Perfect at any time, after a fish dish or to be savoured alone or in company in the convivial atmosphere of excellent local food.

Slipping into the orbit of taste and fresh pleasantness through the Lemon Delight of Vinnessa dessert treat. A sweetness with a Sicilian heart, as its composition makes use of Sicilian lemons that give off all their unmistakable fragrance.

A taste that surprises and refreshes.

Domes of sponge cake filled and topped with lemon cream to show off all the aroma and scent of Sicilian lemons. We are talking, of course, about the Lemon Delight offered by the Vinness as a dessert (or simply as a dessert) by the spoonful. Simple, yet tasty; soft, yet fragrant and, above all, deliciously and exquisitely good. Great for refreshing the palate and allowing that unmistakable taste to linger in the mouth to be tried whenever you want.

The photo of this proposal highlights what the Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality.