Provolone, all the sweetness, essence and tasty flavour of a much-loved and always popular cheese.

Provolone cheesea type of stretched-curd cheese adored and desired by all. Its sweetness intoxicates the taste buds, adding to its savoury and tasty essence.

A product that the Vinness used both to blend and create perfect taste mixes according to the dishes served, but also to be enjoyed on its own in order to delight in its unique and inimitable flavour.

Provolone, all the sweetness of a good cheese.

Provolone, an unmistakable shape.

What is most attractive about the Provolone cheese is, without a doubt, its flavour, which can be sweet or spicy. Another unmistakable factor is, without a doubt, its shape, which is generally spherical or truncated cone-shaped. As mentioned above, it is a type of semi-hard cheese made from spun paste obtained from whole cow's milk collected, exclusively, in the area of origin.

These elements are considered crucial and fundamental to the Vinnessas its philosophy revolves around the absolute quality to be offered to the customer. For this reason, the checks carried out on the raw materials are peculiar and meticulous, since ensuring the best choice of raw materials is indispensable for excellent local food.

Vinness: an intimate and convivial venue, fine wine bar and delicious gastronomy.

All products that the Vinness proposes and offers unique and inimitable delicacies in its dishes. All this is served in an intimate and convivial setting, with a fine wine cellar stocked with Italy's best labels and a delicious gastronomic offering.

And, since we are really talking about the Provolone cheeselocal food of excellence manages to reconcile its sweet or spicy flavour with the best culinary combinations that, once savoured, generate a whirlwind of unique sensations and emotions, to be repeated as often as you like.