Ricotta & Pistachio, a fresh and sophisticated dessert that will make you dream and transport you on an endless journey of sweetness.

Ricotta & Pistachioa special taste encounter for endless sweetness.

A never-ending journey into the world of dreams and delicacies offered by the Vinness. A cream that will win you over, as it gently embraces the ricotta and rests lightly between soft layers of fluffy sponge cake. The chef's touch can be seen in the typically artistic and delicious decoration: pistachio and hazelnut grains for endless sweetness.

Ricotta & Pistachio, endless sweetness.

Ricotta & Pistachio, a creamy dessert.

The perfect match between Ricotta & Pistachio creates this unparalleled dessert. A dessert prepared, offered and served by local food par excellence: the Vinness. The creaminess of pistachios and the sweetness of ricotta spread over soft sponge cake veils, decorated and surrounded by tasty pistachio grains alternating with delicious hazelnuts.

A typically Italian taste that will take you on a journey across the boot through a sweet sensation that will stir your feelings and emotions. A fresh dessert that you can enjoy whenever you want.

Ricotta & Pistachio, a creamy dessert.

Freshness and taste are the winning combination that characterises one of the desserts par excellence conceived by the Vinness. Between the art of scents, flavours and compositions emerges a sweet Ricotta & Pistachio that will slowly slide you into a vortex of unique sensations from which you will never want to return.

The photo of this proposal highlights what Vinness serves its customers, both in composition and in quantity and quality, which, in this case, translates as if it were a real cake. What a treat!

A sin of gluttony that arouses a libidinous desire for taste just by looking at it in the picture (and served by local food excellence just as shown on the slide).