T-Bon steak from Scottona, a tender, prized meat with an irresistible tenderness that delights the palate.

The small infiltrations of fat - called marbling - in the meat, which melt away during cooking, are actually what makes this type of meat particularly tender and delicious. In detail, we are going to explain the history that revolves around the terminology 'Scottona' and which type of animal we are referring to.

Scottona T-Bon steakthe tasty encounter of a tender, prized meat that melts in the mouth. Scottona meat is considered particularly valuable for its organoleptic characteristics (in simple words: it is very good), tenderness and savouriness above all. 

T-Bon steak of Scottona, tender and fine meat.

Scottona T-Bon steak, history and origin of an unusual terminology.

As we said before, the Scottona T-Bon steak is, without doubt, a highly prized meat served by the Vinnesslocal food of excellence.

As proof of what we are telling you, there is not only the origin of this meat (it is wrong to speak of a cut of meat), but also the history surrounding the name 'Scottona'. In short, the most plausible hypothesis refers to the farmer's displeasure at having to sell a young female before she had given birth. In a way, this condition made the man feel 'burnt' by the sale and, for this reason, according to the ideologies of certain people, the animal came to be nicknamed 'Scottona'.

As far as the origin of the meat is concerned, as is well known, we are not talking about a real cut of meat. Specifically, it is the female bovine animal aged between 18 and 24 months (sometimes up to 3 years) that has never been pregnant. The young female is also known as a 'steer' or 'heifer', but the Scottona is precisely the one destined for slaughter.

Ingredients and maturation of Scottona for a dish to be savoured.

La Scottona T-Bon steak is one of the many delicacies that the Vinness proposes and offers its customers. As always, the chef's magic touch and reinterpretation of local food adds a recognisable imprint for an irresistible result. Taste and sweetness come together in unison, accentuating the sweet tenderness of a prized and tasty type of meat. Matured for a full 45 days, the essence of flavour comes from the addition of Himalayan salt, EVO oil and flavourings.

High-quality, fresh raw materials to guarantee impeccable, irresistible and unique products and culinary offerings. And, finally, the small infiltrations of fat work together, like a tasty embrace, with the aromas to enhance gastronomic excellence in an endless journey of the taste buds.

And, finally, the small infiltrations of fat come together, like a tasty embrace, with the aromas to enhance gastronomic excellence in an endless journey of the taste buds.